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Clinical Problem Solving

Keegan Curlewis

Course lead 

Professional Dilemmas 

The MSRA is now a fundamental assessment tool for everyone applying to specialty training. 

Through feedback from previous years and insights from the highest scoring applicants, we have created online resources to help you succeed in the MSRA and help secure your first choice job! 

Technique. Technique. Technique.

The MSRA is as much about technique as it is about content. You must spend time learning the curriculum and syllabus through practice question, but to optimise your chances of success and efficiency in the exam, you must develop techniques to perform well in the exam. Our online resources help you develop these. 

Practice. Practice. Practice. 

Once you have developed foundational techniques and revised the content needed for exam, you must practice. There is no substitute for the hard work. Our course lead, one of the highest scoring MSRA candidates of 2022/23, goes through some practice questions to show how to make your revision as high yield and productive as possible

The London MSRA Course

Detailed, interactive and high yield course going through tips, techniques and model scenarios to help you secure your first choice job!
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Specialty interviews

Delivered by the highest scoring trainees and comprised of lectures and mock interviews, our courses are here to help you succeed in your specialty interviews
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The comprehensive MSRA Online Resources and Courses

After successfully navigating through the MSRA in the 2022/23 intake, I wanted to share the tools to my success with as many prospective candidates as possible. With so much importance on the MSRA, it really is an assessment that should be given the respect it deserves. Most resources focus on the content but the technique and understanding of the exam is the key to performing well. 

To build on our online resources, we have also set up a number of courses which are high yield and interactive. 

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