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The surgical interview academy

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Core Training and Specialty Training interviews.

Online resources and videos to help you secure your first choice job.
The Surgical Interview Academy

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Use of high volume feedback to create comprehensive resources and scenarios.


Practice interview scenarios and model answers to practice you interview technique.


Frameworks, blueprints and content.
The Surgical Interview academy

Why prepare for your interview with us?

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Highest scoring trainee input

Our CT1 and ST3/4 interview courses are lead by the highest scoring trainees. Our online resources are built on this with frameworks, blueprints and content delivered by them too.
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Candidate feedback

Our courses have been running for years, accumulating large volumes of data. Not only has thi formed the content of our resources but has guided us in what works for candidates.
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Hybrid resources

Our resources contain both written content and videos. 

Our videos give you interview scenarios to practice in a realistic interview environment. We also provide model answers to give you an insight into how to structure your answers in a succinct fashion. 

This is complimented with written content for you to digest and further enhance your interview skills and performance. 
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Benefits of our online resources

Created by the highest scoring trainees to share their experiences as well as the experience of past candidates feedback.

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Learn from experts

Out online resources compliment our long standing Interview Courses. Through our Mock Interview circuits, you will have the perfect opportunity to showcase your surgical knowledge and interview skills as well as receive high quality feedback from high scoring trainee examiners.


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