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Comprehensive online resources for Surgical Interviews


Based on recent interviews and common scenarios


Blueprints and frameworks to approach any station
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About us

Securing your first choice job

Following the success of our subspecialty interview courses, we have created resources available for all prospective surgical candidates. Our videos have been developed by the highest scoring trainees drawing on their own experience and the high volume of feedback received from previous candidates. Not only do we cover commonly occurring scenarios but provide blueprints, frameworks and content for your own preparation.

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For everyone wanting to secure their first choice job

Learn through hybrid online learning resources

Guidelines and Evidence

Comprehensive collection of Guidelines and Evidence to understand and quote in your interview

Video scenarios

High yield videos to be used as practice scenarios with accompanying model answers

Discuss with others

Online forum for all those applying for interviews to share, collaborate and work together to succeed in the interview.

Everybody, anywhere!

Access our online resources from your device from anywhere. Ideal to practice on your commute, at home or wherever you may be!
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